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Game News
Welcome to the official homepage of Paradigm Shift. We are a Defiant guild based on Rift's Asphodel-PvP server.

We expect our members to adhere to three codes within the guild as well as amongst players throughout the game:

Be courteous and respectful to other players.

Assist new and veteran players in attaining their goals.

Do not settle for anything less than perfection.

While our goals may be simple; they encompass every item a guild could look for in a member. If any member is found operating outside of these codes, Paradigm Shift appreciates knowledge of the occurrence. As such, Paradigm Shift encourages other players to report if the guild's members are acting out of code.
Guild News

Brief Update on Ranks and Guild Bank Usage

Dezreki, Jun 28, 11 11:15 PM.
Hey guys, as I have just tweaked ranks a bit with the second vault tab being purchased, I wanted to update everyone on what each rank in the guild means as well as a bit of guild bank etiquette.

Director - Director of Paradigm Shift. Reserved for Driz.

Assistant Director - Assistant Director of Paradigm Shift. Reserved for Monitor.

Officer - Members with authority to discipline/make major decisions for the guild.

Junior Officer - Members with the authority to promote/demote members as well as reprimand.

Recruiter - Members with the ability to recruit.

Core Member - Member who frequents guild events and is consistently involved.

Member - Standard Member

In regards to the guild bank: Please avoid placing items that are below green unless they are in the consumables section (which is restricted to potions/buffs/etc) or crafting items. I do not want to see rift loot in there any more (eternal planar dust/similar items are okay, though).

Guild Update - 6/27

Dezreki, Jun 27, 11 2:06 PM.

After last night, I felt as though we were overdue for a guild update.

First off, I would like to extend a welcome to all of our new members. From a guild merger from the folks working with Skyburn and Yrandel to the former members of Mortify, and lastly, our newest trio – death, echelon and rusty. It is a pleasure to have all of you with us and I was excited to see many of you participating with us last night and am very eager to see what lies in store for our future together.

Now, onto business: The first thing I would like to note is that we now have enough players to start farming our gear in a raid setting. Many of us have been working together in T1/T2/Expert Rifts and the gear obtained there has proved invaluable such far, but we have much larger adventures in store for us. Beginning Wednesday, June 29, I would like to start working on raid rifts.  Naturally, the question that comes to mind of a typical 50 is "How do I get in?"

I will be created a raid group composed of 15-20 people. Of these 15 to 20 people, there will be a core group of 10 raid-ready 50s (this means having hit the requirements in their respective roles) divided between two tanks, two healers, a support and five DPS.  The remaining players who have not reached the caps will be asked to play as a healer or support if they have either role; if not, they can DPS to the best of their ability. As we do run a loot council, players who are part of the original ten will have priority in gear, though as the other players reach their gear caps, the core ten can rotate so everyone has an equal chance at attaining gear.

The next thing I want to address is the officer/junior officer situation. At present, we have three officers and six junior officers. Our member count is 84, give-or-take some alts would leave us at about 60 members. Once our guild count registers about 120 members, I will want to look for a new officer and two new junior officers. So this is something to keep in mind as I am noting who has been actively recruiting and who has not. The officer, naturally, will be pooled from the junior officer selection and the junior officers will be pooled from our active members.

Lastly, I would like to announce a future guild project that I would like to begin working on around the end of July. Many of you utilize the resource, RIFT Zam. However, those of you who use this probably also notice the tons of missing data and incomplete pages on as well as telarapedia. I would like to start a small initiative that takes a group of players who spend some time each week updating these websites as though to help the community. I will be creating a Paradigm Shift account for use on the website, so all data uploaded there will be under our account, which may intrigue members from other servers.

All-in-all, everyone's been doing a great job and I can't wait to see what else we have in store for us.


Daily Update - 6/19/11 - "Nightly Events, Raids and Changes" PLEASE READ

Dezreki, Jun 19, 11 2:15 PM.

Well, we've made a lot of progress the last couple of days. Our level 50 count has increased astronomically and our 50s have been gaining gear en masse. After last night's success of the expert rift runs, we will be making these a nightly occurrence. I would encourage players to include our nightly expert and raid rift runs as part of a recruitment macro. If it helps, please use the following to maintain consistency:

<Paradigm Shift> is now recruiting players to join in end-game content. Join us to participate in nightly expert rift and raid rift runs as well as daily Tier Groups and Weekly Raids. PST for more information. All levels 40+ are welcome to open-world end-game content.

I will be posting times for these nightly expert rifts on the calendar. If players would not mind just signing up on there so I can have a rough estimate on how many to expect, that would be great.

I have also downsized the amount of content on this site by removing the DKP section (as it is no longer valid) and the Bank section (as we will be getting a Guild Bank update on Wednesday). I'm tentative on removing the Mail section, but most players should have a Mail section beneath the main navigation panel. After I do some research, I'll make a call on that one. While the Library and Resources sections are not being used at present, I do plan on using them a bit more extensively in the future.

Lastly, I am discontinuing the "Ticket" system. Not because of its ineffectiveness, though; rather, it is due to the fact that so many in this guild did not seek compensation for their assistance to other guild members, which is an exceptionally admirable trait to see within this guild, and I expect to see us go far due to it.


All core raid members have an assignment to build a duplicate of their PvE specs on and post them to the appropriate topic in the restricted Core Raiders forums. If a player has interest in joining our Core Raiding Group, please contact Driz or Monitor at your earliest convenience.


For those of you interested in raiding, yet do not wish to be a part of the more demanding Core Raiding Group, please feel free to play with us as casual raiders. Casual raiders are entitled to all open-world content and 20-man content. However, Casual Raiders do not obtain loot priority and only gain loot if a Core Raiding Member does not need a significant upgrade for that slot. If you would like to raid casually, please just sign-up on the dates on the calendar.

Daily Update - 6/14/11 - "Profession Registration"

Dezreki, Jun 14, 11 11:41 AM.
Per an idea suggested by Rafakaeen, all members are asked to select ONE crafting profession they would like to consider their main crafting profession. They should place the name of the profession in their Member note on the guild roster. If a member is unaware how to do this, then please send Driz, Avrial, or Monitor a message and they will be able to adjust it for you.

We are working on this because we would like to see people focusing exclusively on one set of items so that our soon-to-be 50s will be able to get their new gear fairly quickly.

Daily Update - 6/12/11 - "Raid Invites"

Dezreki, Jun 12, 11 6:51 PM.
Invitations have been mailed to ten exceptional members who I believe are ready to tackle the challenges of Expert Dungeons and Raids immediately upon reaching level cap. I look forward to the progress of these members will be making for the guild.

In other news, I am asking that players mail me donations they wish for the guild bank. I can house a lot of stuff in my mailbox and can deposit it into the upcoming guild bank that will be released next patch. I will also be setting up a Clanpay System on here for people to contribute to paying for the Ventrilo, if they so choose.

I would also like to encourage players to extend invitations for Paradigm Shift to players they meet in dungeons. By displaying your skill in communication and playing, you will give a good image of the guild and have a high chance of bringing in new players.

Secret Code today: A39D23

If you have any messages you'd like to place in Daily Updates, please contact Driz in-game or mail the message to
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